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Hypergraph is the new way to share your research as-you-go, rather than after-the-fact. It's easier for you and better for science.

We're releasing Hypergraph in September 2020, but we'd love for you to get involved sooner πŸ’œ Send us an e-mail for feature requests.

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Core ideas

After-the-fact is bad for science

For decades, researchers have talked about why most published findings are false and how publications are stories. It takes years to publish those stories and even then key steps like data or software are not included most of the time. Entire studies go unpublished. Is this what science has become? πŸ˜”

Putting you in control of your research

In Hypergraph, each step is communicated when you feel ready. This opens it up for comments, revisions, and follow-up research immediately. You can trace each step's history chronologically, pace yourself, and get credit for all your work. Text, data, code β€” it all works 🀩

Hypergraph Vault makes it last

In order to make sure your research stays available for future generations, the Vault is our archival service. We run data centres across the world, that will make sure your content does not get lost. We will work with libraries on this, because they are the stewards of the future πŸ›

Not just another tool β€” a new paradigm

Hypergraph is built on the peer-to-peer commons (p2pcommons). This means that you can build your own application too! Help strengthen this new paradigm with your ideas. We are keen on fostering community driven innovation, so if you have something you would like to work on or see happen, let us know.
There are a lot of efforts that are aimed at revamping research communication. Rightly so! It is outdated and in need of a serious update. We're not aloneβ€”Octopus, Solid, and Underlay are all working towards new forms of publishing.

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