Workcycle Doughnut 🍩

We recently wrapped up another workcycle for the Hypergraph application, codenamed "Doughnut." Now, we're taking a moment to reflect on what we have achieved and share our progress with you! 😊

If you're new to the workcycle series: We use workcycles to collectively prioritise our work, assign tasks, and self-organise until the next workcycle. This allows us to jointly set the roadmap, calibrate to the vision, and review hiccups in the process on a regular basis.

Practically, we changed the following within Hypergraph itself:

  • Profiles now display initials in the avatar
  • Chat prefills the chat with your profile name
  • You can now share profiles over a peer-to-peer network
  • You can now retrieve shared profiles and content
  • You can now backup, reset, and restore your Hypergraph instance from the menubar
  • We more clearly separated the main file from supporting files
  • We added a credit roll for all contributors, testers, and open source software we use

We also did a bunch of work to implement in Hypergraph during our next workcycle:

  • Designed (un)follow profile button
  • Designed the followed profile list
  • Designed the content feed for the people you follow
  • We wrote the Hypergraph Terms

The next post will follow sometime at the start of September, where we will review workcycle "Potato Smiles" πŸ₯”πŸ˜Š By then, we will have released our beta version of Hypergraph.

If you're interested, you can sign up for testing Hypergraph here or plan a call to get a personal walkthrough of the current version here.

Workcycle Doughnut 🍩
Liberate Science GmbH July 27, 2020
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