Partnering with PubCasts

Research communication comes in many forms — traditional text based publishing cannot accommodate to all the needs of new, non text-based forms of communication. Audio-articles, also called pubcasts, are one such form.

We’re happy to announce ResearchEquals is partnering with PubCasts to stimulate,  develop, and support the publication of audio-articles in our community.

The Pubcast initiative is led by Hannah Harrison and Philip Loring, who started making audio versions of their own articles. They started uploading them to Soundcloud several years ago, making them accessible to everyone for free.

In our partnership, we take the next step to also make pubcasts easy to cite and easy to include in a researcher’s portfolio. This makes them first-class research outputs. To that end, we introduced a new module type “pubcast” on ResearchEquals, allowing you to publish your audio recordings under the appropriate category. Each pubcast gets its own DOI and we take care of archiving them. We also integrated a basic audio player so you can directly play those files from within ResearchEquals.

A screenshot of the pubcast “Alternative Seafood Networks During COVID-19”

For those interested to create their own pubcasts, Hannah and Phillip created a protocol to support you in creating your own. You can find and cite their protocol on ResearchEquals. They are also curating a collection of pubcasts, which you can follow or submit your own pubcasts to! A slight note: We still limit files to 100MB at most, so process your audio files to make them smaller (we're happy to help you with that).

We are excited to support new ways of communicating research and making sure they are considered first-class research objects.

Do you have needs for your research communication? We are always on the lookout for new and exciting forms of research communication we can accommodate in ResearchEquals. Get in touch via [email protected].

Partnering with PubCasts
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