Partnering with Coko

We continuously improve Hypergraph, our tool for communicating research as-you-go — instead of after-the-fact — to allow researchers to focus on their core interest: doing research. We care about meeting researchers where they are, in order to make research life easier.

To that end, Liberate Science is partnering with Coko and its spin off project Cabbage Tree Labs to seamlessly integrate working with Word files in Hypergraph.

Survey data from Bianca Kramer and Jeroen Bosman indicates Word and Google Docs are the two main writing environments for researchers. Word is used by 90% of their participants; Google Docs by 32% and can be exported as Word files.

Together with Coko, we will make it easier to import, edit, and share Word files as HTML files within Hypergraph. We want to accommodate the use of a diverse set of writing tools instead of outright replacing them, while at the same time ensuring quality of content.

First, Liberate Science will integrate XSweet into Hypergraph. This will allow researchers to import their (or their collaborators’) Word files as HTML. Imported Word files will retain comments and track changes, and will be machine-readable.

Second, Liberate Science will integrate the new Wax editor into Hypergraph (an old demo available here). This means that you can write content in HTML, without having to know HTML — including comments, creating or resolving track changes, and more.

If you would like to be part of testing these new integrations, we happily invite you to sign up for our Hypergraph testing cohort. This partnership also extends beyond just these integrations, as we have collaborated previously on the Open Publishing Festival 2020, and will collaborate again on the Open Publishing Festival 2021.

Partnering with Coko
Liberate Science GmbH September 1, 2020
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