Introducing Hypergraph (Beta) 🎉

The beta release of Hypergraph is here 🎉 If you want to dive in immediately, download Hypergraph (Beta) for Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Hypergraph helps researchers reset research publishing, by publicly documenting research step by step, before the issues of after-the-fact articles even begin. Traditionally, articles are often written in hindsight, causing selective publication, p-hacking, and many other issues.

In Hypergraph, you only have to indicate what step you're taking, link it to the step(s) it follows from, add relevant files, and indicate what file you want people to see first. This means that you can share all kinds of steps in your research—the theory, predictions, transcripts, materials, code, data, results (and more). Plus, you can share files such as Jupyter notebooks, scripts, data files, videos, audio files, text, and any other open file format.

When you share your latest research step, your peers can immediately see it, link next steps to it, and help you improve it. You share when you're ready.

You can go from a clean install to sharing your first research step in under a minute if you got the files ready. Ten minutes, and who knows what you could get done.

Our effort to reset research publishing isn't zero-sum — sometimes you wish or need to publish a regular article. At the end of a research journey, you can easily and accurately retrace who did what, and collect the steps that go into an article. Researchers already suffer from budget cuts, scarce positions, and temporary contracts — and we don't want you to have to make another decision that could hurt your career chances.

We based the design and development of Hypergraph on a few core principles (in no particular order):

  • Hypergraph is open source
  • Content is 100% free-to-access and free-to-play
  • You can build on anything others share
  • Content can travel between applications (i.e., interoperable)
  • It adds direct value to the researcher's work

In other words: No paywalls, no publishing costs, no hidden costs, no copyright headaches — just your and others’ research work.

The beta release starts grounding the further design of Hypergraph in everyday research life. We expect there will be rough edges (it is a beta), and we want to focus on real usage, beyond our controlled tests. We also want to start discovering the practical ramifications of this step by step publishing with actual researchers and research. What's unclear? What’s missing? What could be done better?

Interested in resetting your research publishing workflow? Download Hypergraph (Beta) here. Got ideas about what Hypergraph should become or how to reset your research work? Join our community, reach us on [email protected], or open up the chat at the bottom right of this screen (and Hypergraph’s).

Introducing Hypergraph (Beta) 🎉
Liberate Science GmbH September 30, 2020
Hypergraph in action: DOI Primer