Integrating the Research Organization Registry (ROR)

We (semi)recently shipped our integration Research Organization Registry (ROR) for ResearchEquals!

ROR is the ORCID for institutions, allowing researchers to easily identify themselves as being affiliated to certain organizations.

With this integration, ResearchEquals joins a league of other publishers who are increasing their commitment to complete metadata. Whenever you publish on ResearchEquals, your affiliation will now be identified in the DOI metadata. This means that it will be easier for your institution to find your outputs and include them in their assessments.

For you as a researcher, not much changes. You can now search for your affiliation in the “Workspace settings” and add one affiliation. If you have not done that yet, it will be helpful to add it before you publish your next module.

It's easy to find and add your affiliation.

If you want us to add your affiliation to previously published modules, talk to us in the live chat anytime 😊

What is special about the process for this integration, is that we’ve done this live on YouTube. Over the course of four weeks, we did (almost) all of the software development in two hour sessions. In total, it took us only around 8-10 hours to integrate ROR! More amazing is that we received 204 views on these videos - I didn’t expect people to be that interested. 🤯

Are there things you’d like to see on our livestream? Apparently there is some interest in what goes on behind the curtain at ResearchEquals!

Integrating the Research Organization Registry (ROR)
Liberate Science GmbH May 2, 2023
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