Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.4

We just released Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.4. We primarily patched some issues as we work on improving the stability of the application.

New releases of Hypergraph occur on the 28th of every month — we only break that cycle if there are urgent fixes that we need to ship as soon as possible (e.g., for security). If you're interested in understanding how we version our releases, check out Semantic Versioning.

If you have Hypergraph (Beta) installed, it will auto-install next time you run it. Below, you can find a detailed and human-readable version of what we changed.




  • Improved the UX for the tray icon on macOS - clicking it now opens the context menu instead of focusing the window
  • Upgraded to use the latest release of the p2pcommons
  • Copying your keys now happens silently in the background, and no longer causes the application to restart. We'd received reports that people felt like the application crashed, so we hope this feels better too ☺️






  • Added robust port selection to prevent an error upon launching the application, for users running software with the same port (most likely Dropbox)


  • Upgraded dependencies to fix recently discovered vulnerabilities

Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.4
Liberate Science GmbH May 27, 2021
Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.3