Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.3

We just released Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.3 πŸŽ‰ This was a bit of an off month, so we did not include as much as we'd like this time around πŸ˜…


  • Hypergraph will now run in the background. By running Hypergraph in the background, you help support the peer-to-peer commons (p2pcommons) infrastructure, where everybody who uses it helps distribute content.


  • Improved accessibility of the welcome screens for keyboard navigation.
  • Improved copywriting for adding content from cloud storage providers, like Dropbox or OneDrive. We ran into some issues when trying to add files that are not yet downloaded.
  • Upgraded electron to version 12.


  • Removed moderate security risk by upgrading ssri dependency

New releases of Hypergraph will occur on the 28th of every month β€” we only break that cycle if there are urgent fixes that we need to ship as soon as possible (e.g., for security). We had to release 0.10.2 earlier this month when we discovered a breaking bug in 0.10.1 that prevented people from going through the setup screens (oops!).

If you have Hypergraph (Beta) installed, it will auto-install next time you run it. Below, you can find a detailed and human-readable version of what we changed.

If you made it this far, you might be interested in helping us determine what to include in the next release! Sign up for a supporting membership and vote on what features are most important to you in our Membership Area. You are free to suggest features anytime.

Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.3
Liberate Science GmbH April 27, 2021
Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.1