Hypergraph (Beta): v0.10.0 release

Every 28th of the month, we release a new version of Hypergraph — we just released Hypergraph (Beta) v0.10.0 🎉 (if you already have it installed, it'll auto-update next time you run it).

Below, you can find a detailed and human-readable version of everything that's changed since last months release (v0.9.0).


  • Markdown rendering in Hypergraph (includes equation rendering, table rendering) — main files that are markdown files will now be displayed for your convenience :)

Example of markdown rendering (left) and that GIFs work too! (right)

  • You will now be prompted to backup your key during setup
  • You will receive a notification in case you haven't backed up your key yet but completed setup
  • You can now drag files out of Hypergraph to save on your device

Drag and drop out of Hypergraph


  • Opening content is now a double-click action, instead of the old single click. This allows you to select the title and description text better.
  • Updated the terms to reflect liberate science's new registered address
  • Changed the way drafts are displayed to prevent "ghost drafts" (i.e., drafts that aren't supposed to be there)
  • Changed the add next research step button

The new button is highlighted. This is 

  • Minor visual updates to the edit content form (remove padding to dropdown, add padding to bottom of screen, update color of input forms)






  • The "Learn more" link is fixed in the Help menu
  • Catch an error where a local folder was missing, but the item was still displayed in the application
  • Better dragging area for macOS at the top of the window
  • Content type is no longer reset when editing content


  • Shell scripts or files without extensions can no longer be opened through Hypergraph, to prevent accidentally running malicious software. You will be prompted to manually inspect the file on your device.
  • Updated dependencies to remove vulnerabilites

If you made it this far, you might be interested in helping us determine what to include in the next release! Sign up for a supporting membership and vote on what features are most important to you in our Membership Area (feature suggestions are welcome anytime). Currently, the status of our feature prioritization vote is:

Hypergraph (Beta): v0.10.0 release
Liberate Science GmbH February 27, 2021
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