Co-host introduction for the Open Update (Season 3)

The Open Update is our podcast to help you stay informed on what’s happening in the open research landscape.

In season 1, we covered the headlines for 52 weeks. In season 2, we dove in deep to understand the implications of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science with 10 specialists. After our successful first two seasons, with 62 episodes resulting in over 5,000 listens, we decided it was time to continue the conversations again in a different way.

In season 3, we will be joined by a co-host and explore how power dynamics play into the evolving landscape of open research. Our new co-host to do this is none other than Dr. Sarahanne Field 🎉  

Watch a brief introduction of our new co-host below 👇

Come join our new co-host, Sarahanne Field, and our resident co-host, Chris Hartgerink, for season 3! Don’t forget to verify you are, in fact, subscribed to the Open Update on your podcast provider of choice.

We are planning to release one episode every two weeks for an undefined time, each lasting between 15-20 minutes. Each episode’s transcript will be posted to this blog, which you can receive in your inbox by signing up for email updates.

The first episode will be released on February 14th.

Co-host introduction for the Open Update (Season 3)
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