Background sheet: Boundary conditions, methodology, emission factors

Standard used: Greenhouse Gas Protocol for companies.

Beta version of cross-sector GHG Emission Calculation Tool (Excel-template):

Scope 1

  • Not applicable in Liberate Science’s case.

Scope 2

  • You’ll need: Invoices from electricity provider and for heating.
  • To account for remote work, we listed Liberate Science’s office space as well as each individual remote employee as separate “facilities”, using the GHG Emission Calculation Tool for assigning the Grid region.
  • We added three custom emission factors to account for the gridmix in Argentina, the electricity, and heating contracts in our office space, which uses 100% renewable energy and has a biogas purchase agreement, for which the emission factor can be found on the provider’s webpage:
  • Remote assumptions:
    • We used the average annual energy consumption for people in Germany.
    • Then calculated the number of days that each employee worked during the year.
    • We broadly assumed that half of each workday’s electricity and heating consumption would be accounted for by Liberate Science.
    • We used the residual mix and grid average emission factors to account for these estimated kWh.
    • For contractors in the Netherlands and Argentina, we calculated with the days worked for Liberate Science.

Scope 3